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Initial Talks and Introduction

After the introduction, we usually meeting the founders in person to talk about themselves and their business.

Due Dilligence

GTA provides a Data-Room for uploading the relevant documents to check. We are also fine to use an existing data-room, if the structure is similar. The effort and timing of the due-diligence depends on the deal-size, stage and complexity.

Valuation and Terms

With a good understanding of the state of the company and what funding is need, we usually sign a term sheet what reflects the upcoming deal if there are no red flags in the next step.

Contract and Deal Closing

After a successful due-dilligence, GTA provides and/or signs an SPA/Note with the relevant party after a final check from an external law firm.

Moving forward together

The founders of GTA consider themselves as “active”-investors. We are providing support when needed and confidence on the journey. Persistence and Discipline are our values for success.

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