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Welcome to Global Technology Alliance

Global Technology Alliance GTA is a Hong Kong-based investment company, supporting start-ups with smart capital, strategic advice and business contacts. We focus on technology start-ups with a proven, quickly scalable business case, ready to take the next step on their growth journey. We are not just a source of funding, but a strategic investor looking for opportunities to contribute its extensive experience in both Asia and Europe to drive the business development of its start-up partners.

Portfolio Investments

We invest in smart people and support their expansion thorugh our experience.

Our Approach

We acting according our set guidelines which are giving us flexibility and fast results. Our processes are completely transparent and straight forward.

Deal Sourcing

We source our deals from various sources like co-investors, industry experts, our own network and entrepreneurs.

Initial Talks

After the introduction, we usually meeting the founders in person to talk about themselves and their business.

Valuation and Terms

With a good understanding of the state of the company and what funding is need, we usually sign a term sheet what reflects the upcoming deal if there are no red flags in the next step.

Due Dilligence

GTA provides a Data-Room for uploading the relevant documents to check. We are also fine to use an existing data-room, if the structure is similar. The effort and timing of the due-diligence depends on the deal-size, stage and complexity.

Contract and Deal Closing

After a successful due-dilligence, GTA provides and/or signs an SPA/Note with the relevant party after a final check from an external law firm.

Moving forward together

The founders of GTA consider themselves as “active”-investors. We are providing support when needed and confidence on the journey. Persistence and Discipline are our values for success.

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